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Contract Manufacturing

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    Doctors Scientific Organica has been developing and manufacturing
    protein bars for over a decade.

    DSO’s capabilities include encapsulation, tableting, and blending. Our process of manufacturing tablets and capsules is under continuous Quality Control parameters and is strictly enforced. Doctors Scientific Organica’s manufacturing procedures are based on the United States Food and Drug Administration guidelines, as stated in the United States Pharmacopeia under Manufacturing Practices for Nutritional Supplements.

    From custom recipe development to full in-house packaging and brand design, DSO offers complete contract manufacturing for protein bars and other types of nutritional products, such as:

    Protein Bars

    We offer a wide variety of flavors with a unique texture.

    Nut Bars

    If your customer is demanding a bar with more organic ingredients, our nut bars are a great fit.

    Functional Food

    From meal replacements to weight loss products, our doctor-designed functional foods work.

    Healthy Soups

    Low sodium soups that can act as meal replacement or healthy soup replacements.

    Protein Cookies

    Protein cookies are a trending product that DSO has been making for years.

    Vegan Bars

    Are your customers demanding vegan options? We have a wide variety of vegan ingredients to create protein bars with.

    Water Flavoring

    Sugar free water flavoring is a multi-billion dollar product. Whether as an energy product or strictly flavoring, water flavoring products might be a fit for your brand.

    Granola Bars

    Granola bars are a great opportunity to create organic, wholesome products health-conscious customers will love.

    Protein Shakes

    Protein shakes remain an important product for healthy food companies. We offer a variety of flavors that will please any customer.

    Our Different Services

    Custom Powder Blending

    With our high-capacity blenders, we are able to process your custom order quickly and efficiently. Our trained staff continuously checks on your order throughout the production process to assure it meets the highest standards as set forth by the FDA.

    Whey protein powder
    Pills and collagen protein powder - Hydrolyzed.
    Various gluten free flour
    Scoop of Powder

    Custom Product Formulation

    Our team of experts has collaborated with countless numbers of clients to formulate custom food and nutritional supplements to meet all of their needs from a variety of active ingredients.

    Food & Growth Consultation

    Here at Doctors Scientific Organica we pride ourselves to serve clients of all sizes, whatever role is needed, whether as a trusted advisor during product developments, FDA compliance coaching or distribution consulting.

    Our team consists of a network of professionals that play major key roles in the food and nutraceutical industry, such as:

    • Certified Executive Pastry Chefs
    • Certified Master Bakers
    • Registered and Licensed Nutritionists 
    • Bariatric Medicine Specialists
    • Medical Directors

    Private Label Brands

    Bring your idea to market with Doctor Scientific Organica. Years of experience plus extensive certifications enable our clients to their own-branded protein bars, cookies, shakes, and more.

    As the winner of several manufacturer awards including South Florida Manufacturer of the Year, you can expect high quality products that don’t just meet, but exceed your expectations. Whether you’re looking for just a manufacturer or a full-fledged turnkey solution, Doctors Scientific Organica has the capabilities to meet your business requirements.

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