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    Our values are your values, too.

    Doctors Scientific Organica mission is to meet all of your specific needs for the manufacturing and branding of private label vitamins, minerals, herbs, and specialty supplements.

    Since 1998, Doctors Scientific Organica’s strong manufacturing capabilities and dedication to our clients have enabled us to build relationships with hundreds of customers throughout the United States and around the world, including South America, Central America, and Europe.

    Working with DSO is a simplified process that ensures quality production in a time frame that suits your needs. Our 15+ years of experience across various industries and ever-growing clientele means we have the resources needed to handle large volume orders. As you grow the demand for your new product, we’ll be there to make sure your sales never stop.

    State of the art quality assurance, the best available raw materials, and obsessive regulatory compliance mean you can rely on us to meet or exceed all industry standards in manufacturing, services, and product integrity.

    Innovations & Evolution

    Here at Doctors Scientific Organica we pride ourselves to serve clients of all sizes, whether as a trusted advisor during product developments, FDA compliance coaching or distribution consulting.

    Long Lasting Partnership

    Doctors Scientific Organica and its team of experienced professionals have dedicated their careers to developing products to be some of the safest and most effective on the market.

    Cost / Quality Balance

    As the winner of several manufacturer awards including South Florida Manufacturer of the Year, you can expect high quality products that don’t just meet, but exceed your expectations.

    Always New Targets

    Every client is given special attention to ensure a product that matches the goals of everyone involved. Take advantage of over 15 years of experience in the healthy food industry when you work with DSO.

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